About the PrismaCorp Foundation

Our Mission

To harness the power of fandom to support marginalized communities.

We believe that fandom is more than just a hobby or a passion; it is a community that can inspire, empower, and heal. We aim to create a more compassionate and inclusive world by celebrating the diversity and creativity of fandom, and by assisting marginalized and underrepresented communities get the care they deserve.

Our Vision

Envisioning a World Transformed by Fandom: Inspiring, Healing, and Empowering

At the PrismaCorp Foundation, we recognize that fandom transcends mere hobbies and passions. It is a vibrant community that holds immense potential for positive change. Our mission is to foster a more compassionate and inclusive world by embracing the rich diversity and boundless creativity within fandom. Through our efforts, we aim to uplift marginalized and underrepresented communities, ensuring they receive the care and support they rightfully deserve.

Our Events


A 3-4 day anime and pop culture convention that features cosplay, panels, workshops, vendors, and guests from the industry. PrismaCon is a vibrant and colorful celebration of anime and pop culture, where you can express yourself, learn new things, and meet new friends. PrismaCon also features charity auctions, concerts, and parties, where you can donate and have a blast.


 A 24-hour LAN competition that takes place bi-annually, where gamers can compete in various tournaments and challenges, and win prizes and trophies. PrismaLAN is a fun and exciting way to showcase your gaming skills, meet other gamers, and support mental health. PrismaLAN also features live streams, raffles, and auctions, where you can donate and win amazing items and experiences.


A formal gala that celebrates the achievements and contributions of the fandom community, and honors the donors and sponsors who support our cause. PrismaBall is a glamorous and elegant affair, where you can dress up, dine, and dance. PrismaBall also features awards, speeches, and performances, where you can appreciate and applaud the people who make fandom a force for good.

Partners and Sponsors

Coming Soon

If you are interested in partnering or sponsoring a PrismaCorp event, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you!


Support Us

Make a donation to our cause, and help us provide mental health services to those in need. You can donate at the link below.

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